As people, business and “things” are increasingly interconnected in the digital economy, existing business models undergo radical changes. Managers and entrepreneurs are therefore working on what is needed to transform the company so that it becomes digital and intelligent to exploit the opportunities in the age of connection proposed by new technologies, mobile, cloud, Big Data, the Internet of Things ( IoT), artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc … The need to make the adaptation capacity of companies to the constant changes in market conditions appears more and more clear, especially in the sales and marketing area to meet the success conditions necessary to obtain the desired business results in a constant and predictable way. The customer of the future is not the same customer of the past and sales related oraganizations must engage differently because customer acquisition, customer experience and customer retention have become a challenge.

Digital Sales Transformation is about how to sell products and services in a digitally transformed world. Companies must necessarily change their way of selling and interacting with their customers by reviewing their business model where the center is a digital sales transformation project. The new project must contain a strategy It guides sales organizzations to define the ideal customer profile, to understand the customer’s business pain, to build and expand relationships and how to create and communicate value. It includes a framework to execute account-based marketing, defines the Strategy, Sales Execution, and Sales Management Methods for Sales Process, Opportunity Management, Account Management, and Overall Sales Performance Management, and describes the technology to be used in each case. Major company in software industry as Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, Autodesk, etc, already set-Up digitized sales operation across different countries to deliver enhanced and personalized experiences for its customers.

Just to give you un example, their new plans includes establishing digitized sales hubs in strategic locations across the world, hiring professionals to meet the growing demand for their solution SaaS, PaaS, etc.. Their Digital Team are well prepared to utilize modern sales tools, techniques and technology to transform the customer’s purchase experience, provide solutions and deliver customized services. By doing so, these companies enable quickly SMEs to respond the growing demand of digital trasformation. Undertaking sales transformation may sound brave but the insights to future buyer preferences remove it as optional. The rise of social channels and data brings enormous opportunities for value creation and sales growth, but there are many challenges along the way. Any companies planning to be in business five years from now should already be preparing for a major overhaul of how they sell, no business and no industry is immune.



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